Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Happening?

My first novel is ready for submission, short story too.  My time slip novel is quietly writing itself while I renovate my house and the knots in the plot begin to form a coherent universe of their own.

My heart project, inspired by my brave and hard working ancestors it is my precious one, set among my memories my lush green North Queensland childhood. Diving into it is like a quick trip home.

My Great Aunt Neri turns 97 next week. Auntie Babe (so named because she was the baby of the family, until Norma came along) is 93 and has a new gentleman friend. Auntie Normie (in her late eighties) still lives on 5 acres in the two story house she built with her husband Fred. He's gone now, but Normie is a vibrant as ever. She's going north with my mother this week for Neri's birthday. I wish I could go with them.

However I have to be in Italy for a wedding on Sunday, so all is not lost...

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